The Edward King Associateship (EKA) offers prime access for those subscribing to more regular interaction and theological reflection with the Edward King Centre. Pre-recorded lectures on theology in the public sphere delivered by eminent theologians, politicians, philosophers or figures of public interest, are exclusively available to Associates. An ‘open questions’ theology lecture and seminar style learning, with member of teaching staff at St Stephen’s House is part of the offer for associates, who also gain priority access to College events.

Alumni in good standing with the College can enrol on a two-year programme leading to associateship with St Stephen’s House. After the completion of two years’ worth of tuition with the EKC, Associates will be entitled to a College Hood and gain bespoke dining rights in College.

The cost for Associateship is £500 per annum.

Here is an example of the sort of video content that we will be offering in this context.

Forthcoming Associateship Events