Support Us

The Edward King Centre has been established in the autumn of 2021 with a generous grant which enables us to begin operations, but that supports just the start of our work.

Please do make an extra contribution, if you are able, to what we are trying to achieve – either as a gift specifically for the Centre, or if you prefer as an unrestricted gift to the College from which we run operations.

1876 Society

1876 is the year that St Stephen’s House was founded, and the 1876 Society  has been established as a society for alumni, friends and supporters of St Stephen’s House, with the aim of providing a community of stewardship to help support the work and future of the college.

By becoming a member of the 1876 Society, you are contributing to the stewardship of the college’s future, sharing in the responsibility of maintaining the standards of teaching that define St Stephen’s House as part of the University of Oxford.